Where are we located?

We are located in Sheridan, Montana - in the heart of the Ruby Valley in Southwest Montana.  Our family moved to the Ruby Valley in 1991 from Silver Star Montana, a little town just North of Sheridan 25 miles.   We are the 5th generation in Montana, our kids being the 6th.

Is your meat grassfed?

Yes all our beef and lamb are all grassfed.  All of them are raised out on pasture eating grass during the summer and fall months.  During the winter and spring before we have grass we feed them hay.  All the hay we feed is all grown and harvested right here on our ranch in Montana.  We do finish a lot of our cattle with grain, but they are also fed hay during that time.  Yes we do also have 100% grassfed and finished, these animals have never had grain in their lifetime.

Does grass finished taste different?

Why does your meat taste better?

We strive to raise cattle with great carcass traits throughout our cow herd. We have been working on bettering our carcass genetics for the last 30 years.  We feed our animals high quality feed from start to finish.  We finish our grain finished beef with silage, alfalfa/grass hay, peas (all grown on our ranch) and also some corn.  Our Gass Finished beef is finished gras then during winter they will have silage, alfalfa/grass hay mix and alfalfa hay pellets, all of which is grown here on our ranch.  We also dry-age our carcasses 14-21 days.  We chose to dry age to bring out the premium flavor and tenderness.  We trust you will taste that extra flavor and tenderness in every bite you take, even in the ground beef! 

How do you choose which animals go to harvest for meat?

  We carcass ultrasound all of our beef before we send it to the butcher. Which means we run the animals in a chute and take a picture of the steaks from the outside of the steer. This tells us how well the steer will grade (how much marbling), the size of the ribeye, how much back fat and a tenderness score. It is very important to us to bring you quality meat consistently. By doing the ultrasound it gives us a chance to cull anything that doesn't meet our high standards before we ever send them to the butcher.  

Is your meat Hormone free?

Yes, ALL our meat is 100% free of any kind of growth hormones or any added hormones.

Where do you ship your meat?

We ship all our meats and snack sticks etc. to all 50 states on Monday and Tuesday every week of the year! Meats are packed with dry ice in custom made insulated lined boxes.