This item is $7.80/# the estimated final price is between $3900.00 and $4056 and the estimated final weight is between 500 and 520 lbs. Final price determined by final weight. Once item(s) is weighed, seller will charge you final price less the $200 deposit. You will receive a receipt for the final charge.

Fill your freezer with premium steaks, hearty roasts, ground beef, and specialty cuts like brisket and skirt steak for your friends and family! Orders are typically ready for pickup 7-14 days after initial order date. You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup.

FOR PICKUP ONLY.  You can come to our store in Sheridan for pickup or we have pick up locations in Whitehall, Butte, Bozeman and Ennis once a month



All our Beef in born and raised on our ranch in beautiful Ruby Valley, Montana. We raise mostly Red Angus with a few Charolais. All our meat is all natural and antibiotic free, no added hormones.

Our pasture raised grain finished beef is all dry aged for 2-3 weeks to add extra flavor and tenderness. We feed grain for the last 100-110 days before they are butchered to add the extra marbling & flavor.

We carcass ultrasound all of our beef before we send it to the butcher. Which means we take a picture of the steaks from the outside of the steer. This tells us how well the steer will grade (how much marbling), the size of the ribeye, how much back fat and a tenderness score. It is very important to us to bring you quality meat consistently. By doing the ultrasound it gives us a chance to cull anything that doesn't meet our high standards before we ever send them to the butcher.